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Ladies Hair

Fallen out with your hair? We can make you love it again!

Level 1 = Short
Level 2 = Jaw length
Level 3 = On shoulders
Level 4 = Below shoulders

Cutting & Styling

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Cut & Style from £25.50 from £27.50 from £29.50 from £30.50
Re-styles from £26.50 *
* Price depending of the volume of hair. Please allow 1 hour plus for this service depending the on abundance of  your hair and the style required.

Blow Outs

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Smooth from £14.50 from £16.50 from £18.50 from £20.50
Bouncy Add £2.50 for this service on to prices above.

Pin-ups & Curls Express

Save time wash your hair at home the day before.

Pin-ups from £30.50 *
Creative Curls from £28.50 *
Beach Curls from £26.50 *
* Not including Blow Outs, hair washed by you the day before.

Pin-ups & Curls

Pin-ups from £20.50 *
Creative Curls from £18.50 *
Beach Curls from £16.50 *
* Prices added on to your Cut & Style or Blow Out service.


We don't just colour we replenish, revive and restore your hair! If your hair has existing damage or colour we always add a restorative treatment to our tints, lighteners and glazes. Skin test required.

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Retouch from £40.50 from £45.50 from £50.50 from £55.50
1/2 Head from £46.50 *
3/4 Head from £52.50 *
Full Head from £58.50 *
* Depending on length & volume of your hair and any existing colour.
Bespoke Colouring Services
Tints & Highlights from £58.50 *
Colour Correction from £72.50 *
Ombre from £68.50 *
Balayage from £68.50 *
* Depending on length & thickness of your hair. C/B included.

Not sure what to ask for? Although we offer free colour advice and skin tests our consultation appointments now require a £10 deposit. This is subtracted off your bill at the end of your colour appointment. Please allow 24-48hrs notice prior to your colour appointment for skin tests.

Hair Treatments

Add express treatments to your styling services. In a hurry and need a targeted treatment? We can help.

Hair Repair
Improve the condition of your hair with a reconstructive/repairing treatment. Add 25mins approx to your appointment time.
£35.50 *
Colour Refresh: Targets faded colour damaged hair
Revive your colour with a colour refreshing conditioning treatment. Add 15mins approx to your appointment time.
£15.50 *
Give your hair a hug with a choice of these gorgeous hair masks (up to 95% natural ingredients). Add approx 15 mins to your appointment time.
Re-bodify: Targets dry fine hair
Clay Mask with ginger and kaolin clay builds body for flat, fine hair to appear fuller.
£10.50 *
Re-hydrate: Targets thick course hair
Clay Mask with shea butter and Moroccan lava clay conditions and moisturizes dry dull hair to seal in nourishment.
£10.50 *
Re-hab: Targets weak damaged hair
Clay Mask with honeycomb and kaolin clay deeply conditions stressed, sensitized hair to rebuild strength.
£10.50 *
* Please note these are upgrades to your styling services.