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Please read: IMPORTANT changes due to Covid-19

IMPORTANT changes due to Covid-19

There are going to be a lot of changes when we re-open, I will apologize now, for any inconvenience. It is definitely not going to be your normal salon visit!

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY there is a lot to go through

These changes will be also sent to you by txt message when confirming appointments. These are all implemented for your protection and you could be refused entry if not followed.

New safety policies to stop the spread of Covid-19 and New salon updates for July 2020

  • Have you had a cough?
  • Have you had a fever?
  • Have you had loss of taste and smell?
  • Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days?
  • Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

If the answer is yes please stay at home and reschedule your appointment. Please do not put yourself and others at risk.

There will have to be a price increase for PPE

Prices should have gone up in April and did not get implemented, so the price increase for PPE will be lasting.

Payments will be taken at the front of the shop to keep social distancing. We are only taking card payments or bank transfers only. Sorry no cash.

The accessories boutique is now closed to the public

Only clients with a pre booked appointment may make purchases. Up To 40% off will be given to all clients making purchases from the boutique.

Booking appointments

All clients must have a pre booked appointment and come on their own. The door to the salon will kept locked at all times and entry will be refused to anyone who doesn’t have a pre booked appointment.

Please make your appointment by call or txt message. No walk-in appointments.

Consultations regarding hair appointments must be done over the phone prior to appointments.

I've always included a change in colour in a full colour appointment at short notice for regular clients. This now will have to be pre booked as a separate "colour change" appointment as they can take a lot longer than a normal full colour appointment and therefore an increase in price. This includes going lighter, darker, changing root colour and any other changes to your colour and restyles for cutting.

From reopening, if you have booked in for a full colour appointment the time booked out doesn’t allow any changes. Please make clear if wanting a restyle this is additional time on top a Cut and Blow appointment. Restyles includes going shorter.

Attending appointments

The waiting area is now closed. Please try and be on time for you appointment, if you are early you may be refused entry.

Please hang your coats and belongings will be at the entrance. No shopping bags or other items are to be brought in the salon.

Clients must wear a face mask at all times in the salon. (If you don’t have one you can buy one at the boutique.)

Both clients and stylists must wear face masks to prevent the Covid-19 infection.

All clients must bring a hand sanitizer with them.

Talking must be kept to a bare minimum in the salon so Consultations regarding hair must now be done over the phone prior to appointments. If you are a new client send a picture of your hair as it is now. To help your stylist send pictures of your required style prior to your appointment or have it ready on your phone to show your stylist.

Magazines will no longer be offered. Bring a picture of the style you require on your mobile.

No food or drinks to be consumed in the salon, other than water in bottles and disposable cups.  You must take the empty cup/bottle away with you.

The W.C is now closed to clients. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Toys and books are no longer available for children to play with.

Clients will be provided with the appropriate PPE by the salon including face shields.

Clients must also stay 1 metre away from each other. To enforce this, Some clients will be allocated their own treatment room to ensure social distancing.

All salon work stations and equipment will be continued to be cleaned with Barbicide before & after every use. The salon will be cleaned thoroughly every evening in addition to all measures taken throughout the day.

No Dry cuts. (This does not mean you cannot have your hair cut. You just have to have it washed or wash your own hair before your appointment.).

Please do not congregate outside the salon.